Economic Restructuring
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Strengthening and diversifying downtown's economic base, using market analysis and incentives as the foundation for recruitment and retention.
Economic Restructuring strengthens the districts' existing economic base, and expands to meet new opportunities and challenges from the changing business environment.
Committee Chair, Kirwan King
Beginning from scratch, it was neccessary to build a group of sponsors who contributed to the MSP financially and also with in-kind donations such as equipment and talent. The major focus was gathering support for the Farmer's Market and assisting in that promotional venutre. The market was a great success.
Friday, January 6, 2012 started the year off with successful conclusion of negotiations that had been ongoing since the spring of 2011. Design Printing re-located a successful printing and design business at 589 Main Street in Warsaw. This was truly a red letter day for us and inspires everyone to work harder at securing new businesses for our downtown area.
In the days to come, the thrust will be to encourage businesses in the area to expand into Warsaw as opposed to relocation.
Market Research
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