Design promotes the enhancement of the physical appearance of historic downtowns through the rehabilitation of historic buildings and the encouragement of new construction that reinforces the character of downtown. Improves the appearance and safety of downtown's public and private spaces.
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The committee must consider and explore the history and historical precedents of downtown. Documentation of existing conditions must be made along with new ideas. At this point, the committee makes design recommendations and works with local property owners as a liaison for the MSP. A major facet of the responsibility is educating the public on good designs and principles and coordinating committee activities.
Committee Chair, Lowery Pemberton
In July 2011, the Design Committee asked for volunteers to assist in cleaning sidewalks from the Intersection of Main Street and Route 360 to the Warsaw Baptist Church. On a brutally hot, humid day, nine volunteers turned out to trim grass back from the walks and remove grass from between the panels of the walkway. We have to doff our caps to these volunteers for their efforts on such a hot day. Also, it's neccessary to add that this group was made of people ranging from college students to retirees to social security recipients. Everyone wants to enjoy a beautiful walk down Main Street. Several problem areas were identified and work began on the transformation. Some landscaping was high on the list and still underway. Flowers were planted there also. The work continues. Tom Rhodes, a 2011 Board of Directors member, worked tirelessly to come up with a plan to repair and/or replace damaged sidewalks. This plan has to be agreed upon by many entities including Virginia Department of Transportation and the Town of Warsaw. Sidewalk work is also a high priority item.
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